Car Treasure Hunt review

Car  Treasure  Hunt  

On  26  August  at  7  pm  a  group  of  intrepid  explorers  travelled  around  the   countryside  to  the  north-­‐east  of  Panmurefield,  discovering  new  facts  about  the   area.    An  unexpected  bonus  was  gate-­‐crashing  a  wedding  reception  taking  place   at  Monikie  Village  Hall…!    Eventually  everyone  reached  the  planned  destination,   where  they  enjoyed  a  supper  of  Domino’s  pizza,  crisps  and  cookies.    The  surplus   money  raised  through  the  event  (£62.78)  was  donated  to  the  church’s  general   funds.

Whole Church Prayer Meeting 18 October 2017

Whole  Church  Prayer  Meeting   on  the  third  Wednesday  of  every  month.   7.30pm  -­‐  8.30pm   in  the  church  lounge, St Vincent Street.     Don’t  worry,  you  won’t  be  asked  or  expected  to  pray  out  loud.   All  welcome.   Next  prayer  meeting:  Wednesday  18th  October

Why Pray?
How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me?… I will sacrifice a thank offering to you and call on the name of the Lord. Psalm 116:12, 17

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer. 1 Timothy 4:4–5

Care Home services October 2017

Care  Home  Services  in  October

Sunday  15th 2pm  at  Lochleven
6pm  at  Ballumbie
Monday  16th  2pm  at  Ferry  House
Wednesday  18th 2pm  at  Moyness
3pm  at  Balcarres
Wednesday  25th   2.30pm  at  Orchar


Messy Church 30 September 2017

Messy Church is back on Saturday 30th September, 2-4pm
Panmurefield Baptist Centre, 154 Lawers Drive.
We’ll have a Harvest theme and hear a Bible story about a man who wanted to build bigger barns to keep everything to himself. We’ll explore this with crafts, activities and songs and finish up with some food together. Please book a space in advance by email or through our Facebook page. Children must be accompanied by an adult and we look forward to seeing you then

Boogie Babies 30 September 2017

Our next Boogie Babies class will take place on

Saturday 30th September 10-11am
Panmurefield Baptist Centre, 154 Lawers Drive.
You can book a space email or through our Facebook page.

Boogie Babies is an hour of lively action songs and nursery rhymes for children (aged 0-5) with a break for snack too. This is an activity for parents/carers and children to enjoy together. Advance booking is required due to demand for spaces

Havest Service 29 October 2017 at 10.30am

This  year  the  BMS  are  asking  us  to  support  the  work  they  are  doing  in  Thailand   with  children  who  have  disabilities.  The  service  will  remind  us  that  we  are  all   Wonderfully  Made  and  we  will  meet  some  children  from  Thailand  who  are   superheroes  because  of  their  courage  and  determination  which  is  truly   inspiring.  BMS  ask  us  to  take  up  the  superhero  theme  and  encourage  children   (and  maybe  adults  too!)  to  dress  up  as  superheroes.   2017  marks  ten  years  since  BMS  work  with  children  with  disabilities  in  Thailand   began.  We  are  going  to  celebrate  this  by  having  a  birthday  lunch  after  the   church  service  with  party  food  and  games.     Gift  envelopes  will  be  available  if  you  wish  to  donate  to  the  appeal  and  you  can   Gift  Aid  your  donations  –  increasing  the  value  of  the  gift  by  25  per  cent.