Our services

Morning Worship

Approximately 120 adults attend our Sunday morning worship service which starts at 10.30am. In addition 40 children and young teenagers meet with us for a time of family worship before leaving for separate activities.

Morning worship is led by a praise band with a mix of piano, guitars, brass and wind instruments. A multimedia projector is used to project the words of songs and to enhance sermon delivery.

Our Sunday morning Worship Services are held in Panmurefield Baptist Centre, Lawers Drive, Broughty Ferry at 10.30am 


All Christian friends are invited to worship with us at the Lord’s Table.

If you wish to attend a service but do not want to take part in Communion, feel free to let the bread and wine pass you by.

Normally the speaker for that day will lead communion. The deacon on duty that day will say a prayer giving thanks for both the bread and wine before the elements are served.

The bread used at communion is gluten free.