Coronavirus arrangements

Please note the following:

It is no longer a legal requirement for those attending places of worship to wear a mask. However, you may still wish to do so out of sensitivity to the feelings of others and the current high level of infections.

When attending the service in person at Panmurefield Baptist Centre please note the following:

• Please do not come to the service if you have any COVID symptoms.

• Please do not come to the service if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating.

• Although social distancing is not required, please sanitise your hands on entering the building.

• Some windows and fire doors will be open to give maximum ventilation in the building.

• If you are able, it is prudent to take a Lateral Flow Test prior to attending.

• All the toilets are now available for use. Please sanitise your hands before going in and wipes are available to ensure it’s clean. 

• Those who wish to give an offering, should do so by bringing the money/cheque in an envelope and placing it in the basket in the foyer. The best way of giving to the church is via bank transfer. For more information on this please get in touch with the church treasurer,