ZOOM Boogie Babies – Saturday 2nd May, 10am

Moraig will lead us with some of our favourite Boogie Babies action songs for you to sing and dance along to.

Bookings can be taken by EMAIL ONLY as this is how we will share the Zoom session details with you. If you would like to join in on Saturday, please email familyworker@outlook.com with your full name and your child’s name to book a place.

We will use this information to confirm that you are known to us from previous sessions. Please don’t be offended if we reply back to ask a couple of further questions that you will only know the answers to, if you have previously attended Boogie Babies, to confirm that you are known to us.

As most of you usually book on Facebook, please let me know if your Facebook name is different from your real name, to avoid any confusion! More details about the session will be sent by email. We can only accept a booking from someone who isn’t already known to us, if you are recommended to us by someone we do know. I hope you understand our reasons for doing this, while Zoom is a great platform, we must keep it safe and secure for everyone. Hope to see you Saturday 🙂