Christianity Explored – New course starting 20 October 2020

Would you like to know more about Jesus in a way that is easy to understand in a small group?

We are offering 8 weekly evening sessions which will help you understand the One who is at the heart of the Christian faith. The session topics are below.

Session 1 What’s the good news about Jesus for you and I today?
Session 2 Who was/is Jesus – his identity?
Session 3 Why did he come to earth 2000 years ago and what does this have to do with us today?
Session 4 Why was Jesus killed? Was it simply circumstances or what is a divine requirement by God?
Session 5 Why did Jesus rise from the dead three days later? Fake news or Truth? If Truth, then why?
Session 6 God’s grace towards you and I. Why would I need his grace now and for my future?
Session 7 Accept or reject God. The choice we are offered.
Session 8 Jesus’ offer and invitation to each of us now and for our future.

No lectures. We watch a short film on the session topic, read a short Bible passage on the topic, then have some informal discussion around the topic. It’s also ok to miss a session.

We start on Tuesday 20th October, 7.30pm – 9pm on Zoom. No need to leave the comfort of your own home.

We finish on the 8th December, just in time for Christmas. As Jesus is the reason for Christmas, Christmas may just be that extra special for you this year.

If you would like to take part, contact us via our website, Facebook or e-mail

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