16 March 2020 – Prayerful best wishes for the coming week

Dear Christian brothers and sisters in the congregation of Broughty Ferry Baptist Church,

We are living in very difficult times just now in our country. It is hard to predict how the future will unfold with any certainty in the coming weeks. Therefore, it is not easy trying to anticipate what the future holds. I ask for your patience as the Deacons and I seek to make choices about what services, ministries or activities may be possible at this time. We ask for your forbearance if you think we may have moved too quick or too slowly in making some choices, but I want to assure you that we are seeking to do our very best acting upon the information we have at any given time.

Like many other churches and indeed other organisations in the country much time and thought is being given as to how we adapt our work and witness to enable us to keep in touch and encourage one another through this time. I have created a church email group to send out regular messages to you. Alongside this message I have attached a copy of the sermon notes I used on Sunday morning 15 March.

We are looking into how we can best keep in touch during this period of uncertainty. Alongside the Pastoral team we will endeavour to provide the best support we can to anyone who needs assistance at this time.  I know that many of you will already be keeping an eye on others in your family, circle of friends and in the church family to encourage each other through the coming weeks. If you are aware of particular needs within the church family please let us know and we will do what we can.          

Most of all, I would encourage you to pray for one another at this time. Pray too for our politicians in Westminster and Edinburgh, together with all who work in the health service who have a most difficult job to do in making some crucial choices about care provision for a large number of future patients.

We will hold our church monthly prayer meeting this coming Wednesday. However, it will not take place in our St Vincent Street premises at 7:30pm. Instead, I would encourage you in your home at that time or at a suitable time that day to set aside time for prayer.  I will be providing by email some guidance on things to pray for nearer the time.      

Lastly, in reflecting on Sunday evening 15 March about the day that had passed, my mind turned to this encouraging passage from the Bible.         Psalm 46:1-2a states: God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…

The near future as this virus spreads is genuinely unknown to us, but God will uphold and sustain us through the coming days.         

with best wishes              
Brian Talbot