Messy Church Archive 2017

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Archive of Messy Church Sessions

January 2017 – At our first Messy Church of 2017 we heard about a man who had a new start and we thought about what forgiveness means. Our activities included Blowing Bubbles, making a Storyteller, Fizzy Forgiveness, Mat Weaving, moulding Clay Hearts, using Puffy Paint and making the very popular S’mores! Here a few pictures

February 2017 – We had lots of fun with marbling, planting, sticking, baking and even making volcanoes! The topic for the session was “Love Rules” which was particularly relevant for Valentines day. We looked at the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. They both loved Jesus, Martha showed this by inviting Jesus and his disciples round and working hard to prepare a meal for them all, while Mary sat down, spent time with Jesus and listened to him. However Martha was so distracted by her preparations that she became angry with Mary for not helping. As Jesus said, Mary had chosen what is better – only one thing is needed! Love!

June 2017 – “Our Community”.

September 2017 – Jesus calmed a storm

We had a lot of fun exploring the story of when Jesus calmed a storm, at our last Messy Church. Creating mini tornadoes, boat cakes, a giant cardboard boat, storm sound effects and other activities too helped us to imagine what it might have been like. We thought about how amazing and powerful Jesus is and that he cares for each one of us. The jelly boats provided as part of our food at the end will never be forgotten!

October 2017 – We thought about Harvest time and heard a Bible story about a very greedy man. That helped us to think about what we really need in life. It was definitely Messy, particularly with the spaghetti painting but we had lots of fun!

November 2017 – Our Messy Church session was a popular one, celebrating Salt and Light! Plenty of firework crafts! The children were encouraged to think about what they can do to bring light to others.

Christmas 2017 – Here are some photos from our Christmas Messy Church when we heard about the birth of Jesus, God’s Son, who came into the world. Our kitchen team prepared some extra special snacks for the children to enjoy when we had food together at the end!